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an OPR Game Jam 2020 Entry!

The universe is filled with hidden secrets, and you have been commissioned to find them. You and your band of mercenaries have found a new planet filled with ancient wonders that have rested for centuries. But you have awoken something. You must find data treasures and then find a way out before this place and its guardians destroy you. Welcome aboard the Mechanichrome.


Mechanichrome is an asymmetrical exploration and war game for 2 players set in the far future.  In the game, one player is a band of space  Explorers looking to plunder a planet for its data treasures. The other player is the Guardians trying to destroy all the intruders.

So, print off a copy of the game, gather a deck of cards, some dice, tokens, and models of chess pieces from around the house, and see if you can destroy the interlopers or bring treasures back to the Mechanichrome!

Install instructions

In addition to these rules you will need:

  • 1 deck of 54 poker cards.
  • Models to represent Explorers and Guardians
  • 5 or more 6-sided dice.
  • Tokens to represent damage, data treasures, and other effects.


OPRGame-Jam-Mechanichrome.pdf 316 kB

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